CNC turned components Scope of application
urning is a machine forming manufacturing process, which has been used by our company for decades. Today a multitude of turned parts is contained in almost every component manufactured. We will manufacture bar and chuck machined components in almost all metals for you. Our use of cutting edge technologies such as CNC controlled lathes and harmonised measurement techniques, material testing by means of spectral analysis and standardised quality assurance permit the use of our components in high quality areas of application.
Scope of application
The scope of applications for turned components is as varied as their forms and characteristics themselves. As a result, any listing will always be incomplete.
Our company primarily manufactures turned components for industrial applications. These are for example screw connections for pipes, flanges, nuts and threaded bushings for use in systems and mechanical engineering as well as in the automotive industry. However turned components are also indispensable in design oriented products for the installation sector, e.g. connecting elements for lighting. We have also manufactured a variety of components for this sector.
Product information
We manufacture the turned components according to DIN or your particular works standards according to drawings. The materials used are (stainless) steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium. We manufacture components up to a length of 350 mm and a diameter of 300 mm by bar or chuck machining.
We have the facilities to produce both small and large batches.

According to your requirements we are in a position to supply you with bright or appropriately surface treated components (e.g. degreased, stained, chrome plated etc.).