Large extruded components
Forms of all dimensions such as e.g. housings, covers for electronic equipment or pressurised containers for hydraulic machinery, profit from the extrusion manufacturing process by significantly reducing the manufacturing costs to be taken into account. Optimum use is made of the material and there is hardly any waste. Due to the cold tempering in the extrusion process, high tensile strength is achieved and the component has a dense structure. You should also enquire about the particular advantages of small extrudes components.
Extruded components of aluminium or aluminium alloys are lightweight but nevertheless possess high tensile strength. This tensile strength is further increased by the use of Al-Mg-Si alloys. The components feature a high resistance to weathering and chemicals.
Scope of application
There are many applications for large extruded components. The following is only a small selection because, subject to technical feasibility, any component made of aluminium or copper can be manufactured by the extrusion process.

  • Condenser housings
  • Covers for electronic equipment
  • Pressurised containers for hydraulic machinery
  • Oil filter housings
  • Fuel filter housings with covers
  • Aluminium cartridges
  • Lamp housings
  • etc.
Product information
Dimensions Wall thicknesses: from 0.15 mm
Lengths: up to 320 mm
Rounds: up to 120 mm diameter
Squares: up to 120 mm
Rectangles: up to 200 x 60 mm
Material Aluminium (Al 99.5 %) and
AlMgSi-Legierungen (1.0 or 0.5)
Chipless finishing Stamping: excenter pressing with up to 80 t pressure
Flanging: flaring machines
Cutting: automatic sawing / cutting machines
Milled finishing CNC – turret lathes
Automatic index lathes
Milling machines
Surfaces bright / polished / degreased / chemically, galvanically or powder coated / screen printed
Pressurised filter housings up to 100 bar